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In under 15 minutes* you can complete all sections of your Gabriel Report using MyGabriel.

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My Gabriel Report

We work with industry experts to ensure we provide a great service to IFA’s across the UK and also work closely with the FCA to ensure any legislative changes are included in the software quickly, as well as providing direct submission of your report to the FCA.

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“I cannot imagine how a firm can work without MyGabriel. It’s an invaluable piece of software which makes life so much easier” - Ravi Pandya, Director of Chancery Wall FS

“MyGabriel without a doubt saves me time and money – I charge an hourly fee and the more time I spend on administration the less time I can charge my clients – I absolutely love MyGabriel.”
Denese Molyneux, Chartered Financial Planner and Registered Trust and Estate Practitioner of Molyneux Financial Planning

“Thank you once again for helping us with our Gabriel Submission, I used to dread the Gabriel Reporting process and used to find it so stressful :-(, I now look forward to it as you and I chat away while you do your thing and it is absolutely amazing what you do, I can't imagine why anyone would do it any other way but please don't get too busy that you cannot fit us in”
John Porter, Directory/IFA, Craiglyon Financial Management Limited

“Thank you once again for your help this year!

I have been a MyGabriel user for three years now, and from a fairly daunting start (I am a bit of a technophobe) it has become much less of an issue. This is largely due to the time taken by you and others to explain the system and let me get the best use out of it.

The Gabriel return is no longer a cause of stress. The inputs are kept up to date, you do a check for us and the report spits out all ready for input. Apart from the odd fat finger moment, no issues whatsoever!

Many Thanks!”
Tony Poacher, AJP Financial Planning Services Limited

“Since starting to use the system in 2012 I have always had excellent service from the team at MyGabriel and have saved countless hours that other people seem to spend on Gabriel returns”
Steve Robinson, Clarke Robinson & Co

“I do strongly believe that all firms should be using this service and have found it massively time saving and you are always a pleasure to deal with and helpful in every way. I mention MyGabriel to all firms whenever I can and believe there would be a lot less headaches in the industry if all used the system”
Emma Krynauw, Business Manager, Jane Smith Financial Planning

MyGabriel doesn’t just offer a solution for your Gabriel Report, it’s bookkeeping software too.

You don’t have to be a financial whizz to take control of your Gabriel Report and your firm’s finances with MyGabriel – no experience needed.

My Gabriel Bookkeeping Features

Reports Section Of MyGabriel

The Gabriel Report

My Gabriel Bookkeeping Features
My Gabriel Bookkeeping Features


RRP £565 per year or £56.50 per month (inc VAT)

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We will ensure that our products and services meet our customer’s expectations, our own high standards and comply with all relevant regulations. Specific quality objectives will be set and reviewed through our management review process.
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